26 days

Birthday party day today. I managed to pull off a half decent ‘I’m not a crazy person’ look, which was commented on by most people. I am not really sure what they were expecting, to be honest. I am finding it hard to type tonight so this will be in dot points sleep went well, … More 26 days

Day 25

I wasn’t sure whether to call this day 25 or day one. I mean technically I am still in hospital, but I am on overnight leave for two nights and then come back to the hospital to have a discharge meeting. So maybe it should be duelled titled. Today started very groggy. I didn’t write … More Day 25

Day 23

Good news today. I should be discharged on Monday! This means I will not be considered acute, but still high level so have to see a psychiatrist often. It will mean I will be at home recalibrating for a while, trying to get back into home life and routine, and then transition to work. Oh … More Day 23

22 days

I’m writing a bit earlier today because I have overnight leave again. The doctor appointment went well this morning, and there was some talk of discharge in the future. This is the first time discharge has been discussed so this is a positive. I was a little pissed off though to hear that I would … More 22 days